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Why Online?
There are a number of reasons to buy HCG online rather than in a store. First, when you buy something in a store there are other people. Not everyone wants to broadcast that they are going on a diet. Second, you have to leave your home to get HCG at a regular store. Buying online is far simpler and much faster as well. You can get online and then all you need to do is wait for them to come to your house. It will take a short amount of time.

Why NuImage?
Buying from NUImage is the best option for several reasons as well. First, you will get a healthy program created by doctors. Second, you can get delivery the day after you buy the program. Third, you get food and protein shakes delivered right to your house. Finally, you will receive extra supplements to keep you healthy since you are eating less. Each of these benefits allows you to get the results that you want much faster than through other methods. You will start losing weight right away if you follow the rules that will be provided to you.

There are many different diet programs available to you. The HCG diet is only one of the masses. Yet this diet is one of the best available. This is because it uses hormones that are produced in your body naturally. This means it is much healthier than other programs. The HCG diet was also created by doctors and provides you with almost instant results. You will start losing weight much faster than you would think. If you have any problems there are plenty of doctors you can speak with to get help. Before you even begin you will get a personal evaluation to make sure you are a good fit for the program. That’s why NUImagemedical.com is the place to start.

Exactly What are Weight Loss Hormones

Weight loss is once again up and a trending lifestyle for those who feel a little uncomfortable with their body shapes and sizes. Weight loss is always a hard fought battle before you gain that perfect figure that you will feel nice walking around town without raising an eye brow. Weight loss hormones have gained notoriety in the recent days, and the question that is asked by many is exactly what are weight loss hormones, and understanding of their working is only way to opt for or against.

There are also may reasons why weight loss is an important thing to do, one is that strong connection between a good body size and your self-esteem, the ease of mobility and the numerous health benefits that come with marinating a healthy body size. There are ways that one can pursue in their quest for weight reduction among them use of weight loss hormones, physical exercises and controlled dieting.

What are hormones?

A basic approach to this question will first involve the general definition of hormones, their importance and in addition, how they work. Hormones are biochemical substances secreted in specific body tissues and their key role is to act as body messengers, instructing the body to different tasks at different times in specific ways. Hormones are usually produced in a specific point of the body then they are discharged into the blood stream to specific areas that their action is needed. Common examples of hormones in the human body include insulin which regulates the blood sugar level, testosterone which is a male hormone and HCG which is a hormone that controls the early months of pregnancy.

Weight loss hormones are generally intended at instructing the body to maintain a certain body shape and size, most of them playing this by checking on different external factors such as availability of food. Most hormones under this category control how the body spends energy and what amount is reserved in the body muscles and consequently this reserves are what determines weight gain and body size. Common examples of weight gain hormones include the Human chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) and Leptin.

How the hormone works:


So how do weight loss hormones work? Weight loss hormones are generally secreted by the body though a deficiency can be refilled by an artificial introduction of such a hormone either orally or by injection. The hormone once in the blood stream will travel to the brain cells and indicate to the body that time is right to have the food reserves in terms of fats burned. The body has a specific threshold of this hormone and when such set levels of the hormones are surpassed, the body reads energy sufficiency. This triggers the special fatty cells that are used as food reserves to start releasing the calories for respiration, which consequently reduces the body weight and size.

Both leptin and HCG also trigger a reduction in appetite. This will consequently imply reduced food consumption that forces the body to utilize the available reserves stored in the muscles for its energy needs thus leading to a slimming effect and this is exactly what are weight loss hormones.

Ten Easy Ways To Burn Calories

When one mentions the words ‘burning calories’, the first thing that crosses your mind is going to the gym or visiting a fitness camp. What many don’t know is that by just standing instead of sitting, one can burn an extra 60 calories per hour.  You want to burn calories, right?  After knowing these ten easy ways to burn calories , you will be surprised at how little the input is to achieve your goal.

Every activity you do burns calories even the pursuits you enjoy with your child in the house. The difference is the movement which classifies an activity as intense or less intense. The faster the movement, the faster the heartbeat rate and that is what quantifies the calories burned. You have to do less sitting even if the activities you engage in are classified as less intense. They may not count as part exercise but have health benefits and burn extra calories. No matter what type of activity you do, you can burn more calories in the same amount of time with just a few modifications to your current workout.
To put it all in view for you, here are. Right from the exercises you undertake at the gym, to everyday chores around the house, you can burn calories in the shortest time without realizing.

1.      Take the stairs
By just walking up stairs one burns 227 calories in a week. Running up the stairs will burn 425 calories. So the next time you are to make a choice between a lift and the stairs, go for the stairs.

2.      Use Your Work Break for Exercising

By exercising, don’t think of jogging or running.  Taking a mild 20 minutes walk may not cause you to sweat. Instead of jumping into your car to head for an afternoon bite, walk to the café instead. This walk you’ll find can eliminate the need for kick exercise.

3.      Do the Cleaning of Your Home
Motivating yourself to get the daily and weekly cleaning could look like a mountain to some people. Such activity torches calories and can help you going. Make it part of your to-do list and move on.

4.      Work while standing
Working while standing for just 10 minutes will work out more calories than you would while sitting during that time. Sitting for several hours isn’t healthier after all according to researches.  So get up and work at times on your feet.

5.      Walk to work

Make it a habit walking to work. It is the easiest and simplest way to fit exercises into your day. Forget a little about your car and it will give you a chance to torch some calories every in minute walk.

6.      Attend to Your Garden
After getting rid of some calories in bending and pulling, the resulting yard filled with healthy vegetables becomes a source of delicious recipe for you.

7.      Join your kids for fun
Chase after your little ones, jog and run with them in their play for at least 30 minutes. So the next time you take your kids to the park, join the fun. Before you realize you will have rid off 180 calories in the fun.

8.      Organize sightseeing visits
With the many tourist attractions and recreational facilities around which you have never visited, plan a day filled with sightseeing and visiting some of the regions hot spots and ensure you walk to as many destinations as possible.

9.      Go shopping

If you want to rid off 100 calories in just 30 minutes, then head to the nearest shopping centre or market mall. You may go on window shopping if you lack the funds to shop for fun stuff as this also gives you an insight on the current prices of stuff.

10.  Dance to Music and Tunes

And lastly among the top ten easy ways to burn calories Turn on your favorite music show and skip and dance until the show ends and wait to do it again when the next show starts again. At the end of 1 hour show you will have lost about 110 calories.

The Best Weight Loss Exercises

Taking the right diet when you want to lose weight plays a great role, but including the best weight loss exercises will have a greater impact on the outcome. The exercises should be done on a routine basis to allow the body to burn calories on a regular basis and in a healthy way. There are exercises that you could start with, but you have to know which will work out best for you. Discussed below are some of the exercises that you could choose from.

Walking & Running:

Walking is one on the most recommended exercises by medics, most especially for adults. Many of them argue that it is cheap for everyone, is easily accessible and it has numerous significant health advantages. These advantages include weight loss, lower risk of injuries and it increases body metabolism. The minimum recommended time for this exercise is 22 minutes but it could go up to 42 minutes every day. This exercise can be used alongside other types of weight loss exercises.

The next best option you have is running. It provides optimal calorie burning consequently leading to significant weight loss. Experts approximate that if you run for one mile, you will do away with 100 calories from your body. Running could be done indoors on a treadmill or outdoors. Other advantages of running besides weight loss are strengthening of your leg and heart muscles. It is important to invest in a good comfortable pair of running shoes to avoid any injuries or discomfort during the exercise.

Other activities:

Step aerobics is another great way to lose weight. The main parts of the body targeted are the legs, the bum and the hips. If you want to burn more calories and loose more weight, you should jump faster and increase the step height. In addition to that, bicycling also takes care of the lower section of the body. You have the option of doing so indoors in a gym or outdoors. For best results, you should cycle fast and uphill.

For those who love the water, swimming will come in handy if you want to lose weight. It takes care of all the muscles in the body. Due to the support offered on the body by the water, you will feel less stress on the joints which makes this exercise perfect for those recovering from physical injuries. Another water exercise is rowing. Medics say it should not be done for more than 40 minutes a day. It gives the best results if the greater force driving the strokes is generated from the things and not the hands and chest.

The best weight loss exercises give the best results when they are done every day. To get the best results, you have to concentrate fully on what you are doing. Do not get distracted by other things such as phones, television or someone else talking to you. In addition to that, you should increase the level of difficulty every now and then for you to get more fit. If your body does not feel the strain anymore, it means you are not burning any calories and consequently not losing any weight.

A Well Balanced Diet The First Step To Losing Weight

Did you know that eating a well-balanced diet is the first step to losing weight? Yes, this is the most basic principle when it comes to managing your weight. While many people who are trying to lose weight go to expensive lengths like hunger strike. Weight can be easily managed by having
a good diet. If you want to exercise proper weight management habits, you need plan for it:

First and foremost it is important to know the reason as to why you want to lose weight. Some people would like to do so to reduce the risks of having diseases while others simply want to feel comfortable in their clothes. Whatever the purpose is, knowing it in your heart will help you keep on track and concentrate on your goals.

Food Choices:


Find out some of the poor food choices you make in your daily life once you know your reasons and have set a resolution to meet your target. Having a healthy feeding pattern is a big problem especially for those who live in uptown areas. Identify and avoid or learn to handle friends who may lead you to unhealthy life habits. You should also try avoiding high fat foods.

The basic concept to achieving your goals to lose weight is planning your meals. You should be disciplined and only be able to eat meals at the set time of the day. Have three or two meals a day and do not skip any; it is advisable however, the diet kept balanced.
Some of the food types that you can make a compulsory part of your diet include things like whole grains and fruits. These have high fiber and take long to digest hence make you eat less. The most important thing you should do while planning your diet is to make sure that the calories you consume are much less than those you lose.
Researches and Food Intake:

Research shows that eating veggies and foods that contain plenty of water is a proper diet for losing weight. Drinking a lot of water may also reduce the amount of food you eat and hence control your calorie intake.

Vegetables and fruits are important parts of any diet and there are recommended vegetables specifically for weight control purposes. Cabbage is a good component to add to your daily diet if you have to lose weight. Besides cabbage, lemon works real magic when it comes to burning down calories and therefore it is recommended for anybody who feels the need to drop some.

One thing you have to keep in mind is that maintaining a healthy eating habit is really hard and so it requires determination. The temptation to grab that cookie you love will always be there but yourself discipline is what matters. While many will set out on the journey to attain a good body shape and health, only a few will meet the target. Always remember that a well balanced diet is the first step to losing weight and attaining that smashing figure you dream of.